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Our rendition of America's favorite flavored black tea is an elegant and authentic twist on the conventional. We handcraft this tea on a premium blend of two full leaf black teas, which gives added dimension to the peach flavor and the depth needed to provide the perfect balance to the real organic ginger root. You'll find our Ginger Peach tea to be the warming comfort tea of our flavored tea collection, and absolutely fabulous served over ice!


  • Premium Ginger Peach Tea
  • Caffeine: High

Ingredients: black tea, organic ginger root, peach flavoring

2 oz (approximately 25 servings)

All 2 oz teas are packaged in stand-up, resealable pouches to maintain freshness. FDA approved. 


Gin-Ginger Arnold Palmer 
We put a twist on the traditional iced tea and lemonade beverage by using Ginger Peach iced tea and making it a delicious cocktail… perfect for the golf course! 
INGREDIENTS: 1.5 oz gin; 3 oz iced GINGER PEACH tea; 3 oz lemonade; ice. 
PREPARATION: Prepare 3 ounces of iced GINGER PEACHtea per guest, using 1 TBS tea leaves per serving, boiling water and steeping for 3-5 minutes. Strain tea leaves out, and chill in fridge for at least 3 hours (or overnight). Add all remaining ingredients and pour over ice. Enjoy! Yields: 1 Gin-Ginger Arnold Palmer.